How to Train Like an Elite Athlete (Without Having to Be One!)

Words by Nicolai Morris Too often I see masters swimmers or triathletes train in the pool for a specific distance (1km+) or time, slog up and down at a continuous pace without stopping. For a period, (especially if untrained or

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Racing. It’s all about the pacing!

Even in a 50 metre race, for masters swimmers, there is the need for some thought as to how you expend your effort across the whole race. When you get to 100 and 200 metre races – or longer –

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See and Fix Basics of Butterfly by Bill Moorcroft

BUTTERFLY Two kicks for every pull. MEDIUM kick the hands IN. MAJOR kick the hands OUT. KICKING KEY POINTS STROKE FAULTS FAULT CORRECTIONS      Dolphin undulating Movement through lower back is essential      Knees bend slightly on downbeat – as feet

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Race Pace, Race Feel by Mark Morgan.

This is the third in a series of columns designed to help you swim at your best at meets, or just appreciate your swimming experience more. In my last column ‘Types of Training’ under the banner of ‘Quality’ training I

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Get Race Ready. Common Mistakes in Competition by Gary Stutsel.

Common Mistakes in Competition by Gary Stutsel Please ensure that any new members get to read this comprehensive article before competition. My analysis of disqualifications (DQs) over the past 10 years confirms that false starts are the most common fault,

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